My name is Olivia. I'm from Nevada City, CA. There's some pictures of me if you click here.

Yoga-addicted, beer-drinking, nature-seeking, head-banging, mosh-pitting, flaming-lips-singing, serious-grit, milk-and-honey, gold-country-dwelling, desert-thinking, always-learning.

There are so many people in the world who are not as hungover as I am right now.

I have a lot to figure out but you’re the only thing I’m trying at.


Robert Smith, Ireland, 1987 Robert was staying out in Ireland and I went out there to show him the artwork for The Cure In Orange film. He said, “Bring a camera”, so I took a polaroid camera because he likes to approve stuff there and then. I took him round the grounds of this old ruined castle in the freezing cold and we took loads of pictures. He was incredibly relaxed – they’re not posed, we didn’t work that way.
From Obscure : The Cure by Andy Vella(x)


Christine Dufossé, 1980s – via Global Women who Ride

Cool Hunting has a great feature up on our dear friend Nahanni Reforestation’s Kickstarter campaign. 
"Though the images do ooze nostalgia, it’s the historical context and raw, realness of the images that give them a sense of anthropologic importance as well. The era documented by James was a time of environmental awakening for the Western world, and the first time the experimental solution of tree-planting was widely used—or really any solution was offered for that matter.”
Read the article here and support the project here! Thank you.

The last summer weekend was everything I asked for. 

Brittany Worgan